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First, we must understand that it's clear from the circumstances described in Genesis that God intended for Adam's siblings to marry and reproduce. In fact, Adam and Woman were themselves blood relatives Gen , so even the first marriage united two people who shared the same DNA. Even as late as Abraham and Isaac, the custom of marrying within one's family was still an acceptable practice Gen Later in the Law, God specifically outlawed sexual union between blood relatives Leviticus Likewise, today it is illegal in most if not all cultures for siblings to marry and produce children.

Such unions are considered dangerous, since the children are at much higher risk of suffering from genetic diseases, and most incest laws are justified on the basis of this health concern.

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So, why would God consider marriage between siblings to be acceptable in Adam's day but later outlaw such relationships? The answer is found in the curse placed on the Earth because of Adam's sin. God's instructions to Adam and Woman were given while both lived in the Garden and before they had fallen into a state of sin.

At that time, Adam existed as he had been created: he was perfect. His body contained no defects.

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In this perfect state, there would be no stigma nor health concerns over sibling marriages since every human would reproduce in perfection. It was simply the natural course established by God. At the point of the Fall, however, God altered the state of His creation. In response to Adam's sin, God pronounced a curse on the Earth and all that came from the Earth Gen What was the name of adam and eves 4th son? Report Abuse.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Adam and Eve did not have a forth son. Their last son was Seth Genesis Add a comment.

Adams genealogy is Genesis Chapter 5. You will not that Cain and Abel are neither included. Cain was the son of the serpent and Abel was killed by Cain so the author did not include either in Adams Genealogy. So the first is Seth and you can find the rest from there. The population would grow quickly because of this, and herein is the key to the old question, "Where did Cain get his wife?

The human population would have been quite numerous by then. The name "Seth" means "set", or "appoint. The implication is even more far reaching than this; for God had promised the coming of One who would defeat Satan Genesis It would be through Seth's descendants that this promise would be fulfilled in Jesus Luke Seth named one of his sons Enosh, which means "frailty. Enosh is the son through whom the Messianic promise is fulfilled. Again, Seth had other sons and daughters, and along with his brothers and sisters, are multiplying themselves rapidly.

The Bible says that in the days of Seth, "men began to call on the name of the Lord" Gen. It has been suggested that Seth named his son Enosh frailty because he recognized the frailty of man and their need for God.

How many children did Adam and Eve have?

Therefore they began to call on the name of the Lord. It describes the eternal, self-existing nature of God The phrase "Call upon His name" shows trust in His mercy and the realization that we need His care. It is a humbling of oneself before God in worship and obedience. Interestingly enough, contrast this with the statement about Cain Sethites "call upon the name of the Lord" while Cain and his descendants are described as going "out from the presence of the Lord.

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The Scriptures also state that Enoch "was not, for God took him. Instead, God "translated" him. This is the same expression used concerning Elijah who also did not die but was taken into heaven 2 Kings