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Explaining that he and other researchers had noticed that UFO waves occurred every 26 months. In addition he had made an observation of a peak period every five years, and according to his calculations the two cycles would merge late in An event reported in March , said that at the Montana Malmstron Air Force Base in the US, is where there was a nuclear weapons shut-down by an unknown presence and reported that it was caused by a UFO breaking security and shutting down the weapons; jeopardizing the security of our continent.

As my research narrowed in on those who had the same experience at the same time and place. I found it peculiar how many adults are now reporting their sightings as children between years , and in some cases, their abductions! I do wonder. Paul Shishis rendition as a child of UFO seen.

My current rendition of UFO seen in On the night of October 4, , numerous residents of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, witnessed a multi-lighted craft which appeared to 'crash' into the Sound. The unidentified flying object was observed drifting on the waters by more than a dozen witnesses including three RCMP officers. During the first two hours of the incident a coast guard cutter joined the search, but no airplanes were reported missing and no debris was found.

What had they all witnessed that evening in the sky and floating on the waters off Shag Harbour; a mystery that has endured to this day. It's been reported that UFO's have often been seen hovering near power facilities. They're small in numbers, but there are still too many to seem pure, fortuitous, chance of system outages, coincident with UFO sightings.

Air Force records of UFO reports from Using this data, one can plot two curves as shown on the graph. Out of phase conditions do exist, however, for years and Pearson from to , and at 91 he is, now in , urging world powers to release what he believes to be hidden data on UFOs. In a said bizarre interview, Hellyer made a series of pronouncements about aliens which grew increasingly outlandish and sounded more like a plot for a Star Trek movie. Who am I to judge Hellyer. I've, still disbelievingly, seen a UFO! No doubt some folks who are superstitiously inclined will arrive at a very different conclusion to the above.

Georgian Bay Ontario Canada. William J. It emitted multi-colored flashes, then although one little man was still hanging on outside it rose about 12 ft. Source: Letter to J. Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Scores of Windsor residents, including members of the police force, stoutly affirm they witnessed a startling phenomenon last Thursday night in the form of an angel who appeared surrounded by a circle of flaming red, in the western sky.

Following as it does, reports from France that soldiers have seen Joan of Arc and St. Michael leading them into battle, as well as the apparition of the angel of Mons, the experience of the Windsorites is attracting more than ordinary attention. Patrolmen on duty Thursday night, skeptical over reports received over the telephone, walked out where they could view the section of the sky in which the phenomenon was reported. Another member of the police force, however, is authority for the statement that he previously saw the angel, circle and all.

Many Detroit residents declare they, too, had seen the angel in the red circle, a striking coincidence with the experience of the Windsorites. All descriptions of the apparition agree that it was far too bright, vivid and well defined to have anything to do with the aurora borealis, which was faintly visible Thursday night from this part of the continent. Near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The figure of the eagle was sharply defined, traveling swiftly southward over the bay, accompanied by huge splashes of red and green fire which shot about it like meteors.

A coincidence was a dispatch received here from Duluth telling of the appearance of an eagle in the aurora borealis there Friday night. The form of the Thunder Eagle was seen, not only by Indians, but by scores of white people. The Ojibwas say the Thunder Eagle has not been seen for many years and that its appearance portends wonderful happenings in the world. Comments: Consider the events that took place around the same time at Windsor Ontario Canada was there any connection to this?

He said he located the source of the voice, a young man of human appearance who had become trapped in a cleft in the rocks. Coe said he rescued the man, who thanked him profusely and said that he had been fishing when he accidently stumbled into the cleft. He was described as handsome, blond-haired, young, and dressed in a strange, silver-gray suit. He told that he had a small aircraft in a nearby clearing, and when Coe helped him return to it, he realized that it was unlike anything he had ever seen; a 20 feet diameter disc, resting on three landing struts.

The alien had Coe swear not to say anything opened a hatch in the underside of the craft and climbed in, and then took off with a high-pitched whine. Coe further claims that six months later he received a short note requesting a lunchtime meeting at the McAlpine Hotel in Ottawa. Mister X spelt backwards. Coe went to the hotel, and met again the young man he had rescued; although this time he was dressed in an ordinary suit.

His race, he said, comes from planet Norca in the Tau Ceti star system, that begun to dehydrate and 14, years ago, forcing the inhabitants to migrate to another system. They explored our solar system and chose it as their new home. According to Zret , Norcans embarked on the journey of colonization in 62 huge spacecrafts, that all fell into the sun because of a navigation error, except for one which crash-landed on Mars, killing 1, of its 5, passengers. The survivors colonized Mars, and then moved on to Venus and Earth, where they founded Atlantis and Lemuria.

Zret went on to state that the Norcans now live mainly in Venus, although they maintain several research bases on Mars. Coe claimed he maintained contact with Zret and other Norcans for the next sixty years meeting them on average once a month. It was emitting a loud whining sound. A light approached the witness and she recalled floating up into the craft. Several small gray beings with large eyes, set far apart took her gown off. The beings were slender with whitish gray skin, large heads, and bulging eyes and were wearing tight fitting satin like outfits.

She is later floated up and apparently examined with various instruments. She is eventually released. The witness was lying on the grass outside when she saw a flat silvery disc land nearby; several beings with wrinkled yellow skin came out. She was then apparently taken inside the craft and given a ride. The disc flew at a very high altitude and the witness was returned later. During a period of personal crises of his theology, the witness, now a retired pastor, found himself in a city of thousand miles west of Toronto, in a street lit up by a brilliant white light.

Looking up, he saw the light came from a round cloud with a scalloped edge, about yards overhead; from it streamed down a light like a laser beam. Standing beside him, he saw a young man with golden hair, dressed in a suit of a similar color; he had radiant blue eyes, and was about 5. The fifteen-year-old witness watched a metallic saucer shaped craft fly low overhead and land on a nearby field. Source: Robert E. Local farmers reported seeing a gigantic black bird-like creature that would attack and injure their cattle.

Galbraith observed a disc-like object land on the ground; an entity left the object and collected samples of vegetation. The same witness again observed an object on the ground, three entities who smiled at him were observed outside the craft. After feeling a blast like vibration, Mr. A hoop shaped antenna was slowly rotating. Moving like automatons, they seemed to be drawing water through a bright green hose and discharging it through another.

When the witness next looked, the beings were gone and the craft was about 8 ft up; it appeared about 48 ft wide and 15 ft thick. It tilted to 45 degrees and took off northward, with a blast of wind. They only observed it for a few seconds as the hose was reeled in. The craft took off with a high pitched whine, with one entity hanging aboard. Several witnesses including the 8-year old main witness reporter were in the barnyard when their attention was directed to a high pitched engine type noise.

They looked towards the noise and in the air at tree top level appeared what looked like a twin engine sized aircraft with propellers turning. The object was about ft away and had larger type portholes down its left side. Several occupants were observing the witnesses from the portholes; these could be seen perfectly as could those in the other portholes.

The witnesses looked at them and they looked at the witnesses who had the impression that they were almost as surprised to see them as the witnesses themselves. The speed of the craft was that of walking speed but there appeared to be some quick movements in the cockpit and the vehicle then performed a side slip to its right and disappeared behind a small hill.

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They ran toward what they believed was the crash site expecting an explosion but nothing appeared to be there. About a month later the main witness and a school friend observed a large barrel shaped object with what looked like cast-iron pipes at right angles protruding from it. A large cloud was over it and what appeared to be a rope or cable was hanging from it. No noise was evident as the object was at tree top level and only about feet away. The object then briefly followed them and then eventually disappeared behind some taller trees.

Years after the incident the witness recalled that as a young boy he was visited in his bedroom on several occasions by several men dressed in black that would take him out of the room while his parents slept. They would perform tests on him and it was almost always on his spinal cord. On several occasions he attempted to scream but was unable to. A young boy on his way to a store encountered a silvery disc shaped object sitting on top of a hill, next to the object stood a small silver suited humanoid.

The humanoid had large black eyes and gray hands; it and another similar creature were apparently working around the object. The witness was taken inside the object where he saw a large screen. He was then placed on a metallic table where his mind was apparently examined. He saw multicolored lights and strange symbols and figures. He was later released and taken to a place near his house.

Peggy Robinson was awoken by a brilliant glow in her bedroom. Upon going to the window she observed what looked like a group of 5 or 6 children in a circle underneath a street light. She then realized that they were dwarfs, no more than 1m tall, which moved in a strange, stiff fashion. One, who appeared to be giving orders to the others, turned and looked straight at her. The others also stopped and looked at her.

She pulled the curtains and went back to bed and fell asleep again. Source: David Haisell, p. The witness was in bed, but suddenly felt compelled to go to the front porch area, there he met his mother and brother and they all watched a large bright light descend and land on a nearby orchard across the street.

The object had bright rotating lights, which dimmed as it touched the ground. Moments later two persons came from the direction of the orchard field and walked past the witness. One was a tall man wearing long black boots and a belt, he had a tanned complexion and sandy blond hair, the other was a woman that wore a gray uniform and black boots and belt, and she had long black hair. The witness apparently followed the two who then entered a nearby grocery store.

The young witness entered the store and inside was confronted by both the man and the woman, the witness felt a strong sense of love and understanding emanating from the pair. The pair eventually walked back into the orchard field and left in the object. The next thing the witness was able to remember was walking back into his house with his mother and brother. Couturier glanced out of her window and noticed a patch of bluish light about 25 ft south of the house. She called to her son, and the two of them went outside to investigate further.

Although, Mrs. Couturier was brave and walked up to within a couple of ft of the light, her son was anxious and stayed further away urging extreme caution. He only observed the bright blue light the whole time. However, when Mrs. Couturier walked right up to the light she observed what appeared to be a small person lying face down on the ground with its face lifted so its eyes were visible, but not the lower part of the face.

She felt calm and peaceful as she watched for about a minute before the pleading of her son convinced her to return into the house. The device quickly left his ankle and retreated behind the couch. A couple picnicking at Duckbill Lake heard a low humming sound and climbed up a hillock to look down on the lake. They saw a large, green, circular object near the lake and four dwarfs with hosepipes attached to their suits, syphoning water out of the lake.

When the woman screamed the beings entered the object, which took off. The male witness suffered harassment at work following the event. Source: Vicky Cameron p. The year old witness felt an overwhelming compulsion to leave his home and travel out to an area near Niagara Falls. He found himself all alone in a desolate dark area.

Suddenly the whole area around him lit up with the most brilliant but not blinding light. The light was coming from above him and just above the trees. He looked up into the source of the light and there was a large bluish white smooth saucer shaped craft a hundred feet above him or less and about that size in diameter. Motionless, the craft hovered above him. Somehow he knew this object was not from this civilization and was indeed an alien craft. We will return tomorrow night to confirm the sighting and visit you. He then made his way to Niagara Falls, hitchhiking once more and later was picked up by his very upset parents.

Later at home it was and everyone had gone to sleep, he suddenly had a strange feeling as if someone was watching him as he sat near his bed in his pajamas. Looking around from inside a form of transparent tube that he was standing within he could see the craft was circular and of a bluish white metal.

The instrument panels and floor were of the same metal. He stood there and then stepped down from the platform toward a man six feet high and with short white hair that contrasted with his metallic bronze colored skin and sparkling blue eyes and vividly blue flight suit he wore. There were two other younger men there of the same type, but with ebony colored hair. Either we had traveled into the future or it was a time viewer, a view of a strange air that was tense as the city started to convulse, flames shot upward and he saw a massive tidal wave coming in a thousand feet high as the land sank beneath the ocean and new land surfaced upward from the South Atlantic Ocean.

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You are here to fulfill our needs! When it was time he was led to the transparent tube and it was lowered down around him and another one on the alien. Strange vivid colors surrounded him after the hazy yellowish hue of the first process of energizing had begun. The colors appeared as swirling indigo colors, whites, blues, yellows and many other incredible colors. Waves of caressing energy ran through his body, purging his spirit, rending his body a renovated house for a new resident. It was the most omnipresent feeling of well-being that a person could experience, not only an experience of feeling and seeing colors but also of wisdom and language it possessed.

The whole universe seemed to be in those colors and it would only take time and meditation to understand the laws and secrets it talked about. Later the witness woke up in his room again finding his clean clothes in an ozone smelling heap in the corner of the room, where before they were neatly folded clean on the dresser. The witness, Bill, was driving home with his young son, when his vehicle apparently stopped. He got out of the car and was confronted by several four-foot tall humanoids that had been standing in front of a landed object.

He remembers being taken through a black shiny mirror like entrance of the object. Under hypnosis he recalled seeing some type of museum of time onboard the craft, where he encountered a range of devices from the early 20 th century to the future. Ivan Boyes, 26, of Welland, Ontario, told a New Zealand reporter that he had been telepathically attracted to a space craft miles from his home in Welland, Ontario, in He had hitch hiked the distance and was later taken on board; he said the craft was circular and about feet in diameter and was operated by three crewmembers that came from the coniferous age of earth; they had time traveled to the present.

They were bronze skinned and had white hair and spoke a highly accented English.

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They told him that he had been picked to help form a special group. The witness was alone in her bedroom late at night when she suddenly had the feeling that she was being watched. Looking at her window she noticed several figures looking at her. Next thing she remembered was floating above her complex, looking down at a brightly lit area. Several beings described as having large egg shaped heads with large insect like eyes had apparently come through the wall of her room and floated her up through the roof.

She looked up to see a large circular craft ringed with two sets of lights, some flashing red, yellow, and blue in color. A portal opened in the center of the craft into a bay like area. Other beings stood there, these appeared to be taller than the others and wore different uniforms. She was then led into a very dark room, there, a large oval shaped door opened into a room with a central walkway.

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Three to four beings waited for her behind what appeared to be a hospital gurney. There the beings examined her eyes and brain area with a large X-ray type apparatus. She was eventually brought back to her bedroom. The witness was living on a two-story house and remembers being floated out the window into a hovering craft and into a large wedge shaped room.

There she saw numerous apparatus and something resembling a calendar on a wall. She was placed on a steel table, where an implant was apparently inserted into her through her ear. The humanoids had large heads, wide apart eyes, gray white skin, and large noses and wore gray robes. The boys followed and entered the back seat of a black Cadillac, which two humanoids drove to a swampy area.

The beings had large heads and eyes of a hypnotic quality, slanted around the head. The nose was small, the mouth a slit and ears merely hook-like openings. Their skin was cream colored and the hands had 4 fingers, 2 very long and with wide ends. They wore uniforms of a shiny dark blue material, skin tight and with long collars, also boots and a black belt. A black insignia on the lapel showed 3 stars, a Saturn like object and a Chevron pointing to the right. They were assured that no harm would come to them and were told to lie on cots while instruments probed their bodies and registered the results on a screen.

The beings had the boys drink a liquid, which apparently caused them to be under their control, making them drowsy. Later the boys were driven back to the garage and instructed to forget everything. A commercial diver was doing some underwater work near a bridge and somebody on the team made a mistake. It was as if he was being hung. Then his consciousness swung. And then I was suddenly inside of a room, in front of a person, huge person sitting in something. I was so; scared about this that this face disappeared again, and at that same instant I was talking with this person.

And I remember being shown around the craft. I was shown…I was asked what I wanted to see, what I wanted, what I wanted to see, so I asked to be shown the control room. Engine room, control engine room was out of the question, apparently, and so I was suddenly in this control room. The looked like androids, moving around and putting their hands up against the wall, which was all black.

And then I must have been moving closer to those walls because I could…at one point I could see a difference of black shades. It all looked like charcoal but different shades of charcoal, like different shades of black…which were indicating some sort of control panels but very difficult to make out. There were no dials, no switches, nothing but straight lines, rectangular lines, horizontal lines of different shades of black, very faint.

And then suddenly I was out of this room and in another room which was brightly lit. A lot of human-like…very human-like people in there. They were…at first, were turning around and sort of staring at me, and then going about whatever they were doing. And I remember, one person sticks in my mind, was a girl approximately between 20 and 23 years old. Very long twisted blond hair and she stared longer at me than the rest of them.

And then from there I was in front of an older person, human, features were human, talked to me as we are talking here. And then something happened after that. I am not very clear in my mind what happened. I remember traveling in this craft in a clear dome, seeing all the stars whizzing by. I suddenly found myself in the water. Someone had cut the rope, with a knife, I assume. And there were a lot of people standing on the deck at that point. And they were pulling me up very carefully.

They had taken off my helmet and they asked me to move my arms and whether I had broken anything or, you know. And I could move all my limbs and everything and I felt my back a bit sore. Source: Michael D. On several occasions the young witness remembers waking up and being taken by tall whitish gray creatures that walked with stiff robotic movements. He was then taken into a room where 5 to 7 creatures stood in a circle, throwing the witness around and catching him like a ball in a game. He thought they had rather long faces on large heads.

Later he remembered lying down in a dark room where a bright white light descended over him, pressing down on him. This caused the witness to scream frantically and sweat profusely causing his body temperature to rise. The witness has been involved in other encounters with UFOs.

Source: Direct from witness, paul. A sort of musical type humming sound attracted the witness attention outside her home. Once outside she saw a large silvery metallic domed craft hovering almost noiselessly above a nearby field. She could see no lights and no noticeable exhaust. There were several round portholes on the dome and a sort of railing around a protruding rim.

Several men wearing light blue uniforms stood around this chest high railing looking down and leaning over. The witness also noticed that the occupants seemed to be at ease and conversing among each other. She watched for several minutes and then went back to tend her garden. Moments later she glanced back up at the object and it was gliding away towards the southeast.

The men were still outside and the object was still emitting the musical humming sound similar to the old musical tops she used as a child. The object soon passed from view behind some hilly and wooded terrain. She estimated that the men appeared to be at least 6ft in height. A man named Harris and his woman friend were parked by an underground reservoir when they saw an object with 4 searchlights on the bottom slowly descend to within ft of the reservoir.

Then a sliding door opened and one, then three figures were visible standing in the doorway. The figures were in silhouetted, dark, and shiny, and after 15 minutes the witnesses drove away. Source: Louis J. The man estimated it weighed pounds. A secondary source reports that it was covered with hairs, had powerful shoulders, a head that seemed too small for its body, and inordinately long arms. The truck driver went back to look for tracks but found none. The witness describes how he observed an object that dropped to about feet. No other information. Source: Type: A.

A middle aged couple and their teenaged son went on a fishing trip on this remote lake set amid a quarry 20 miles north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Arriving in the evening the family congratulated themselves on having the body of water all to themselves for fishing purposes.

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Comments: Apparently hypnotic regression was never attempted on the unfortunate witness. From on the activity in Ontario seems to have picked up dramatically, as we shall see. The smaller object, tilted up at a degree angle, had a row of orange-lighted windows around its periphery. In the larger object were four square windows emitting a pulsating orange light, and from one end of it projected upward a 45 degree angle a boom or rod 15 feet long, bearing a large red light at the end.

After watching for 10 minutes, Cuneo called Marvin Hannigan to see it, but by the time Hannigan arrived the humanoids were gone. Then the two craft started to rise, very slowly, straight up into the air; after they reached a height of 50 feet, they departed at about mph without sound. At the site branches were broken and the brush charred, and an oily liquid was found on the ground.

Source: James J. He clearly remembers being carried out in a cradle position along his bedroom hall by two tall non-human beings. He could see thin long legs moving in a robotic motion. He felt very strange and could hear his parents snorting in their room as he passed their bedroom. He then looked into the face a very hideous white grayish insect-like creature that was carrying him. He was looking at this large headed creature with wrap around piercing black eyes similar to a praying mantis species.

He then found himself in a corner-less room with no lights and no furniture. The room seemed to be like a murky light-tone mushroom color. There was a group of about six smaller different creatures in a circle that resembled a white snowman. They were tossing the witness around to each other like a ball. While one was holding him, he noticed the large cranial head moving from side to side like an insect checking him out head to toe. He was still deeply frightened. The group appeared to have some type of humor amongst them.

He was like a ball in a game. Furthering these nightmares, he remembered being in a dark place without light. Then his eyes opened in this great darkness, he could see a small spherical bright white light. It moved from side to side like a pendulum and then moved in closer to him, betting bigger. It surrounded him with a crushing sensation to the chest. He woke up in his bed screaming for his parents that early morning.

He was sweating and had a high temperature. His parents came into the room and his father asked his mother if they should take him to the hospital. His mother replied that he only had a bad fever. A young boy was outside with his dog on a farm when he heard a strange oscillating sound. He went over a nearby hill and saw a disc shaped craft about 12ft in diameter with 4 legs about 5 or 6 ft long. The object was hovering over the ground. On a platform around the perimeter were seated 8 to 10 little men, perhaps 3 ft tall.

They were brown with tight fitting clothing. Later a slightly depressed circular ring about 12ft in diameter was discovered where the craft was observed. A family observed two bright lights traveling across the sky, through a pair of binoculars several figures could be seen moving in one of the lights. Both lights flew at high speed away from the area.

Stanley Moxon, a salesman, was in his car 40 miles southwest of Smith Falls on Highway 15 near Glen Grove Road north of Kingston when he saw a hug glowing object giving off a brilliant green light as it descended from the sky. Minutes later Stanley rounded the same bend and saw an inverted soup bowl sitting on three legs in a field yards away from the road. Stanley watched three small human-like creatures that were collecting bits of soil and plants. The little humanoids were three feet tall and wore white coveralls with bubble-type helmets on their heads.

After a few minutes Stanley switched on the headlights to high-beam to get a better look. Stanley beamed the headlights at them and they scurried into their disc-shaped craft and ascended noiselessly but rapidly into the sky. The craft went straight up at tremendous speed. Then Stanley went to the police who had received calls about a strange green light in the sky.

The police and Stanley went back to the site. There were burn marks on the ground and three indentations from something very heavy that had been pressed into the ground. A man and his daughter were taking photographs of the surrounding foliage in a field when they saw a large hovering domed disc shaped craft near them. The object had a large rectangular opening in one side and a figure or entity could be seen inside.

Five color photographs were supposedly taken, however their current whereabouts is unknown. Source: Cuforn Bulletin, Vol. The year old witness had gone to the back door to turn off some outside lights and was looking out the window when she noticed a glowing white humanoid figure sitting on a bench outside the garage. The figure stood up and appeared to be at least six-foot tall with a round glowing head, no facial features were discernible. The witness ran screaming to get her parents. Her dad searched the area with a flashlight but found nothing.

Three aliens came out and dragged her about the ship. They resealed it without a trace. She believes that this was the first of several abductions. Fred Coulthard Jr. The object took off and a brilliant flash of light lit up the sky. Two carloads of men and boys went to investigate on this bright moonlight night. Fred saw a bush jerking around violently and a dark shape detached itself and hovered above ground before moving off towards the house. From then on poltergeist activity of a destructive nature occurred.

The Coulthards were a Catholic family and there were many witnesses. A man was walking near the downtown area when a car pulled up to him and two men inside asked him to come in for a ride. He was taken to the countryside to a landed disc shaped object. Five men wearing dark brown uniforms invited the witness inside.

He was told that the captain of their ship was a female, which the witness did not see. After tests perform on the stone it was revealed that it had strong nickel content. It is hinted that the extraterrestrial also had sex with the witness. Two year old boys were playing in a conservation area when a huge Bigfoot type creature approached and picked them up, the creature took them onboard a landed disc shaped object. Inside, several short humanoids dressed like doctors examined them apparently putting an implant into one of them. The Bigfoot type creature was seen to sit on a large chair inside the object.

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Several wires were placed on its head, which led to another device nearby. Source: Lawrence J. On a warm summer night the witness saw a white object flying among the stars, the object resembled an upside down chandelier with small round spike-like cones protruding from it. The longer cones had spheres at the end and there was a multicolored light glowing all over the object. The witness then found himself floating 50 feet in front of the object, then from the bottom of the object an opening became visible and a bright white light came from it.

This light was blinding and he could not look at it. After this he found himself back in bed. Later that night as the witness was lying in bed he was suddenly paralyzed and could not move or scream, he then found himself floating out of his bed through the window and out in his backyard which had a large field a wood pile and a shed. He then heard a pulsating humming sound and soon found himself back in his bed. The witnesses watched a saucer shaped craft hovering at about ft above a field, ft from a country road.

It had a very bright beam of light shining from its top section up into the sky. As they watched the white beam withdrew back into the saucer and multicolored lights came on around the circumference of the craft, blue, yellow, red, and green which flashed in different sequences. There was no sound heard from the craft. And then lights came on inside the top half and they could see porthole like windows and shadows passing by the portholes at times, but could not see any details.

Without a sound the saucer slowly started to move upwards, to just above the trees, with the lights staying on the saucer eventually glided away from sight. The witness had been sitting in the hotel lobby where he was staying when he had a sudden premonition that someone was in his room on the third floor. Terrified he dashed upstairs to his room and as fast as he could he slammed into the door knocking it off its hinges. Inside the room by the bathroom door stood a dark human figure about 6-feet tall. The momentum of his entrance carried him towards the intruder.

His next recollection was of sitting on the bed of a friend on the second floor surrounded by police. He was later informed that he had gone through his bedroom window and had landed among chunks of glass on the canopy over the hotel entrance.

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Incredibly he did not receive any injuries from the fall of about 15 feet. He has no further recollections. He tried to convince himself that it was only a dream but the objects got closer and he realized that what he was seeing was real. All the objects approached closer to him on the shoreline. At this point the witness felt the most amazing feeling that something or someone was trying to talk to him from the objects.

Then a creature seemed to appear before him hovering over the ground.

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While this entity spoke to him by thoughts alone, he felt oddly at ease rather than terrified, for it seemed genuinely concerned for him. It told the witness that he was dying of a drug overdose that he should seek medical help. His mind was totally clear at this moment with no effects from the drugs. He knew that the entity was telling the truth and he listened. What happened next was incredible. The entity spread out its long insect arms and wrapped them around the back of the witness head; suddenly he felt a jab like a needle in the area of the brain called the medulla oblongata.

It was like he never took the drug and was clear of thought and strong. Next thing he knew he was running from the beach to the highway to hitch a ride to the hospital where he checked himself into the emergency ward. He had his stomach pumped and remained there for three days. According to the witness there were subsequent UFO sightings over the area for weeks after his encounter. Comments: Healing claim. Still one must wonder if the drugs had anything to do with this experience. Two young local Indians attending a dance at the local church encountered a short two-foot tall grotesque little man with its face covered with hair, apparently inside the church.

Soon the church was evacuated and everyone feared a death would follow the encounter. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Paul Shishis is an ordinary family man with an extraordinary life. It all began at the tender age of 2, when insect-like beings whisked him away into an awaiting UFO.

Throughout his life, he has had hundreds of UFO sightings and after so many years, it seems clear that this man is strongly connected to the alien abduction and UFO phenomenon. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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